Hey y’all, my name is Heather!

I’m 29 years old and I live in the valley of the sun, Phoenix, Arizona! I’m a food blogger (obvi), college student, artist, writer, photographer, and so much more! I’m love advocacy and activism as well as good vibes, makeup, interior design, architecture, art, reality TV, breakfast foods, comfort foods, southern foods, giving advice but not taking it, man buns, and Dudley the cow (RIP, sweet boy).

I hope that y’all fall in love with my recipes and, if you’re not already vegan, I hope that they will inspire you to take the plunge and go vegan -for your health, the health of our planet, for humanity, for the animals, and for so many other wonderful reasons. Click HERE to learn more about why you should go vegan today or, if you’re ready to go vegan or are vegan and need suggestions for vegan alternatives, click HERE to see the things I love!

❤ Heather


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