• Method Steel For Real (Stainless Steel Cleanser & Polish) If you have stainless steel in your kitchen then you need this stuff which smells divine and is highly effective! You can find it locally (check their website for a feature which allows you to see where it is sold near you) or on Amazon!
  • Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh (Natural Fabric Refresher) When the fabric furniture in your house starts to get a little stanky, reach for this stuff! It naturally removes odor and leaves behind a lovely scent thanks to essential oils! Also available on Amazon!
  • ECOS (Cleaning products, paper products, & more!) ECOS has a wide range of products but my loves from their lineup are their window cleaners, their fruit and veggie wash, and their bamboo and sugarcane-based paper products (paper towels and toilet paper)!
  • Seventh Generation (Cleaning products, laundry products, & more!) So I mentioned in the PERSONAL CARE & BEAUTY section that I love Seventh Generation’s feminine hygiene products but that’s just 1 avenue of their products that I love! Their cleaning products (sanitizing wipes, granite and stone cleaner, toilet cleaner, etc.) are all totes amazing! I also love their dish liquid, their laundry soaps, and their Purely Clean hand soap (lemon and tea tree scented) which kills germs naturally! Find their products on their website or on Amazon -I also sometimes find them in local grocery stores too!
  • Mrs. Meyer’s (Cleaning products, laundry products, & more!) Everything in this brand’s product lineup has a beautiful scent! I love their room sprays and hand soaps most of all and my favorite scents are the seasonal scents, honeysuckle scent, apple scent, and watermelon scent!