• CBDfx Hemp Gummy Bears I have anxiety, y’all, and when my anxiety gets going and I need some relief I turn to CBD! For the longest time I avoided the stuff because I mistakenly believed that it was a drug (as in Marijuana) and I’m so anti-drug! But, though CBD comes from the same plant as Marijuana (the cannabis plant), the two compounds are truly different beasts altogether. CBD is perfectly legal (no card needed), will never make you “high” as it lacks THC, and is quite beneficial for anxiety and other issues -seriously, Google it, it’s amazing! You can buy CBD in many different forms (vapes, lotions, chocolates, gum, etc.) but the 2 forms that I love the best are these gummy bears, which are absolutely vegan and super convenient for on-the-go use, and oil (see below).
  • Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract Oil Like I said above, gummy bears and oil are my 2 favorite ways to take CBD -and this brand of oil is the one I prefer! Charlotte’s Web offers 3 different levels (or concentrations) of oil to choose from: original, plus, and advanced. If you’re new to CBD then I’d suggest you try the original level first and then, if you think you need something a bit stronger, buy the next level up until you find the perfect one for you. Need the oil to kick in a little quicker? Hold it under your tongue for 15-20 seconds and then swallow it. One final note about Charlotte’s Web for all you dog owners out there… the company also offers CBD oil for adult dogs which they say helps them stay calm and mobile!