• Ener-G Egg Replacer This is by far and away my favorite egg replacer for baking… ever! Why? Because it’s reliable and easy to use! Plus you can buy it on Amazon!
  • Nasoya Tofu Really any brand of tofu works -this just happens to be my go-to because it is more readily available in my area! Tofu (firm or extra firm) makes a great egg substitute when you’re craving scrambled eggs or breakfast sami’s! To scramble it, press out the excess moisture then pop it into a pan with some vegetable stock or broth, a little oil, and a whole bunch of seasonings. As it cooks, break it up until you get a “scrambled” texture and add fixin’s if you wish! To make fried tofu “eggs” for breakfast sandwiches, follow the same method as with the scramble however don’t break it up, slice it up into 1/4 inch thick slices before you put it into the pan. No matter how you cook it just be sure to cook it for a while -it takes better the longer you cook it for!