What’s In My Fridge – Kitchen Tour Series

Hey y’all, I’ve got a little something different today! I’m gonna be taking you on a tour of my kitchen in this latest blog post series -one post, and one area, at a time! Today you’ll be getting up close and personal with my fridge -pretty cool, ay? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) How’s this gonna break down? I’m gonna be discussing the things I keep an excess of (aka the things I hoard as though a zombie apocalypse is about to happen), the 3 staples I’m never without, and the new things I’m trying/loving! So, what’s in my fridge?

The things I keep an excess of in my fridge are vegan “cheeses,” tofu, and green apples!

Vegan “cheeses” are so good and there are so many great options on the market today! There’s a drawer in my fridge that is always jammed so full with these dairy-free dupes that I struggle to open and close it -if that’s not a ringing endorsement for vegan “cheeses” then I don’t know what is! If you’re curious as to what some of my favorites are, click HERE.

Tofu is a total no brainer for any vegan hence why there’s always a stack of this amazing and versatile plant-based protein source in my fridge at all times! My favorite level of firmness? Extra firm. And don’t forget to drain it, y’all!

And what’s with the green apples?? Well, ever since I was a kid, my fruit of choice has been apples! As an adult I’ve come to love green apples in particular. I always buy the organic ones and always buy enough to fill my fruit drawer because who would ever want to run out of these tart little lovelies?!


The 3 staples I’m never without are lemon juice, vegan “butter,” and dairy-free chocolate chips! (Bake much?)

Not kidding you, I mostly keep the lemon juice on hand for drinking, not cooking! If you don’t know the benefits of drinking lemon juice/lemon water you really must hit the Googs cause the benefits are legit! I either add a couple tablespoons to a glass of water or I take a shot of straight lemon juice -either way, it’s so good for you and quite refreshing.

The vegan “butter” is always in my fridge because “butter” makes everything better, obvi! #CuePaulaDeenRidingAStickOfButter

Now, this final staple was so hard to decide on -it came down to nuts (which are truly a staple to me) and chocolate chips. Of course, in the end, chocolate always wins out. I usually have at least 2 bags of these yummies in my fridge because they’re great for baking but also great for snacking when you need a little (pun intended) chocolate fix!


And now we’ve come to the new things I’m trying/loving…

Just being honest, normal Chia Pods aren’t my thing -the texture totally gives me the heebie jeebies. But, I know that chia is quite good for you, so I’ve decided to give their Oats+Quinoa creation a try. As I mentioned earlier, apples are my jam so if they have a strong apple flavor then I think I’ll love ’em! Not into apples like I am? There are a few other flavors available in the Oats+Quinoa lineup for you to try!

Miyoko’s “butter” has been something I’ve wanted to try ever since I first heard about it but do you think I could find it anywhere? Nope. That is, until last week! I’m kind of just hoarding it right now until I figure out just how best to use this little gem but I’m sure, no matter how it gets used, it’ll be delicious as hell!

And, last but not least, let’s talk about my new favorite protein shake!

Most people think that, because I’m a food blogger, I’m surrounded by food all the time or am eating great all day, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Some days I’m editing pictures, writing up blog posts, or doing work on the website, which means I’m not cooking. Even on the days that I am cooking, I don’t always eat what I’m making -sometimes I’m just not in the mood for what was on the schedule that day and sometimes I simply can’t eat what I’ve made because I need it for photos. Whatever the case may be, whenever I need a little boost of nourishment to keep me going I’m now reaching for a Svelte’s protein shake. This little container packs in the nutrients and protein (11 grams, to be exact) and tastes way better than any other protein shake I’ve ever had!


Well that’s all I’ve got for you today, folks! Hope you enjoyed this tour of my fridge -next time, we’ll check out my freezer!

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